Taking Real Estate To A Whole New Level

In a world of smart homes, smart cars and smart phones, technology has found its way in every person’s life, from any profession. There are only a few industries left that haven’t been tapped into by the development of creative apps and tools. And the real estate industry is not one of them.

A decade ago a realtor like samireland.ca, who puts up houses for sale in Edmonton, would ideally need a desktop computer, fax machine, phone line and Rolodex to conduct business and speak to their clients efficiently. But now the story is quite different. Technology and Information have taken the real estate industry to a whole new level with access to multiple real estate listings in less than a second and advanced features from the various apps and tools that realtors are currently using.

Below is a list of the best and most efficient technology for realtors today

market snapshot1. Market Snapshot- Sam Ireland uses this tool to create “Just Sold” and “New Listing” alerts about houses for sale in Edmonton for current, future, and past clients which functions within Top Producer CRM. Market Snapshot delivers company-specific email alerts to provide timely and precise information with his name and logo.

2. Open Home Pro- Open houses are a great way to market your listings. With this user-friendly app, realtors collect the contact information of all the visitors at the open house using an iPad to send proficiently designed emails with relevant pictures and useful information of the listed property.

3. Cam Scanner- With the help of Cam Scanner, Sam Ireland’s can scan documents of his houses for sale in Edmonton directly fromcam_scanner his mobile device that save him hours in a day that would normally be wasted in rushing to the office to send out documents to clients.

4. Google Apps for Business- With the amount of contracts and documents of houses for sale in Edmonton being sent back and forth on a regular basis, Sam made use of Google Apps for Business to turn their domain name into a customized Google account. This exercise eradicated unnecessary, time-wasting activities like maintaining servers or using a 3rd party to manage their email account.

point2 agent5. Point2 Agent- Being a realtor can be quite a busy and hectic job- attending open houses, client meetings, property closings and other legal and administrative duties. All these activities leave no time for the realtor to generate more leads and perform efficient marketing strategies on the many platforms now available online for real estate listings. And that is exactly why Sam Ireland uses Point2 Agent that helps them do the multi-tasking on their behalf. It helps in assigning and associating their listings to many real estate portals, managing leads, automatically adding listings to their many social media business pages, and much more.

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