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Advancements In Insulation Technologies

One of the major concern in the world today is reducing the energy cost, this is because of environmental issues we face. Thus it requires for us to be more involved in energy saving, one way on which we can reduce energy expenses is by insulating our homes, thanks to many insulation contractors in Edmonton, Alberta. The contractors use the spray foam technology together with electronic gadgets in insulating people homes. Here are the examples of these electronic technologies

Quik – Therm concrete insulation system: this type of insulation is a high effective R-value, it also performs better and is capable of providing a more comfortable environment than the conventional concrete insulation methods. During installation, the system can install easily whereby it can install for about half a time than the other conventional concrete methods, in addition it has tongues and grooves connections which make it able to stop air leaks.

Whirly bird turbines: It is another electronic insulation technology used by insulation contractors in Edmonton. This system is capable of whirlybird turbineremoving summer heat and winter moisture from your attic, thus reducing strain on air condition system, to ensure for its long life and low maintenance costs it is permanently lubricated on its upper and lower ball bearing. The technology system is build of aluminum making it not able to rust, it also has a 21 air–foil curved vanes with rolled vanes edges which helps to deflect water, there is also has an exclusive vary-pitch base which can adjusts to roof much easily

Climate pro fiber glass insulation system: The electronic insulation system uses fiber glass, because fiber fiberglass insulationglass is proven to be a reliable performer in insulation, it can provide an effective resilient thermal protection. The system uses a powered hose which blows the fiber glass into the attic, thus making it reach areas that are unreachable, for example corners, edges and framing. The good thing with fiber glass system is it cannot decay or even become food for animals like microbes, in addition this type of system provides for a complete coverage.

Pro pink blown insulation system: Is another example of electronic insulation system technology used by all of the insulation contractors in Edmonton. The technology uses a recycled virgin pink fiber glass, it is mainly used in new construct houses and existing homes. Tt can access the unreachable areas whereby fiberglass is blown from a powered hose, thus making it be able to reach those areas. The good thing with virgin pink fiber glass is that it cannot lose its energy saving ability overtime. More to that, it does not require the addition of fire retardant chemicals which can easily promote the corrosion of pipes and wires. Finally, this type of insulation product cannot decay, support fungus or mould growth

In conclusion, we see that most insulation contractors in Edmonton are able to use the spray foam technology together with the above electronics in insulating houses and buildings, not only that, spray foam is known to be environmentally friendly!

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The Excellent Choice For Printing

A few weeks ago you heard your friends talking about the benefits of using a wide format printer for all your printing needs; you now have the money and buying this type of printer is something you are now giving some serious thoughts. Well, while the primary benefit of this type of printer is the ability to print high quality images, as well as, graphic presentations, the following are other specific benefits one can easily net from this technologically advanced piece of printer.

A more advanced Droplet technologydroplet

Seen as an effort by the designers to make one of their own stand out from the crowd, they made sure it comes fully equipped with an advanced droplet technology. A wide format printer can utilize this amazing technology during printing by making sure the microscopic ink droplets and precision ejection produce high quality images with impressive clarity.


When you are shopping for a new printer, obviously, the speed of the printer is one of the features you will put under great consideration; another key reason why you should be going for this type of printer. It comes with unbelievable speed and with it, you can print multiple large formats prints within a very short time. As if that is not even enough, during printing you have the option of printing at normal speed, high speed or even enhanced mode. Interestingly, none of this will take way the quality of your prints. At the end, choosing this printer will drastically reduce the need to outsource your business printing needs.

Ability to distinguish between images and text

Lastly, its abilities to distinguish image from text could see a wide format printer becoming the number one choice for businesses an individuals, as well, With that alone, this type of printer can actually produce high quality prints with no mix-ups between graphics and text on the same page.

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