Taking Real Estate To A Whole New Level

In a world of smart homes, smart cars and smart phones, technology has found its way in every person’s life, from any profession. There are only a few industries left that haven’t been tapped into by the development of creative apps and tools. And the real estate industry is not one of them.

A decade ago a realtor like samireland.ca, who puts up houses for sale in Edmonton, would ideally need a desktop computer, fax machine, phone line and Rolodex to conduct business and speak to their clients efficiently. But now the story is quite different. Technology and Information have taken the real estate industry to a whole new level with access to multiple real estate listings in less than a second and advanced features from the various apps and tools that realtors are currently using.

Below is a list of the best and most efficient technology for realtors today

market snapshot1. Market Snapshot- Sam Ireland uses this tool to create “Just Sold” and “New Listing” alerts about houses for sale in Edmonton for current, future, and past clients which functions within Top Producer CRM. Market Snapshot delivers company-specific email alerts to provide timely and precise information with his name and logo.

2. Open Home Pro- Open houses are a great way to market your listings. With this user-friendly app, realtors collect the contact information of all the visitors at the open house using an iPad to send proficiently designed emails with relevant pictures and useful information of the listed property.

3. Cam Scanner- With the help of Cam Scanner, Sam Ireland’s can scan documents of his houses for sale in Edmonton directly fromcam_scanner his mobile device that save him hours in a day that would normally be wasted in rushing to the office to send out documents to clients.

4. Google Apps for Business- With the amount of contracts and documents of houses for sale in Edmonton being sent back and forth on a regular basis, Sam made use of Google Apps for Business to turn their domain name into a customized Google account. This exercise eradicated unnecessary, time-wasting activities like maintaining servers or using a 3rd party to manage their email account.

point2 agent5. Point2 Agent- Being a realtor can be quite a busy and hectic job- attending open houses, client meetings, property closings and other legal and administrative duties. All these activities leave no time for the realtor to generate more leads and perform efficient marketing strategies on the many platforms now available online for real estate listings. And that is exactly why Sam Ireland uses Point2 Agent that helps them do the multi-tasking on their behalf. It helps in assigning and associating their listings to many real estate portals, managing leads, automatically adding listings to their many social media business pages, and much more.

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The Best Company For Your Brick Laying Needs


If you are looking for the best masons in Toronto then look no further than this company, you can find out more information about them here but I will tell you all you need to know to make an informed and correct decision; Masonry Group Incorporated is a company that is based In Toronto and specialize in everything from chimney repairs to tuck pointing. They are your local go to company who can do most jobs no matter if it is a long term servicing job or just a quick fix, they are sure to help you out. They have over 15 years’ experience in the industry and they are proud to claim that their work can ensure a long life to your buildings. They can do many things including but not limited to: Blocks, bricks, stone work, fire place, chimney work, restoration and the previously mentioned tuck pointing. This masonry contractors Toronto team uses up to date technologies to assure they are one of the best reputations around for masonry work.

They are then, a respectable and well-built company with the passion and expertise to deliver when you need them the most. They provide services for both residential and commercial and each type has a special package built for it. They are all of great value to your building I can assure you and so can their portfolio.

In the residential package you get:

• Professional advice from some of the top masonry craftsmen in the statebrick_work
• Work done on time and to your own deadlines if possible
• An affordable and final quotation
• Time given in advance to carry materials in
• No extra hidden charges

You can’t ask for a fairer deal than that now can you? Masonry Group Inc. are the first place to look if you are looking to get some work done on your residence but if you are looking for commercial work then never fear, they do work for commercial buildings too. All you have to do is get in contact. How do you do that?

Check out the website: masonrygroupinc.com and navigate your way through their pages and see some of their best work in a portfolio for you already to look at, you do not even have to ask for it. You can also look at the plans they do previously described here and if you are happy with the look of their business then there is a Contact Us page that provides you with any email address’ or phone numbers you need in order to make a query or request a job be quoted for you.

To wrap it all up in one summary for you, I would choose Masonry Group Inc. because of their superb work ethic, experience in the trade and excellent portfolio. You cannot find a better company in Toronto offering the same deals and work ethic for such little effort. All you have to do is get in touch and let the company do the work for you, after all that is what they are there to do. So, business or residential phone or email Masonry Group Inc. today for the services from the best masonry contractors in Toronto.

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Digital Content Can Give Credibility To Your Firm

Are you looking for a business strategy that will give credibility to your law firm? The answer lies in edging out your competitors and gaining a larger audience. This can only be done through an effective marketing strategy. That is why you need to shift your thinking to digital content marketing.

lawAnyone in the legal field understands that there are certain limitations when it comes to marketing a law firm. The legal field is highly competitive: without a powerful marketing strategy, there is no hope of edging out competitors. This is where digital marketing comes in.

Consumers are turning to new media consumption. The internet is rapidly gaining popularity as a platform for conducting business. Anyone can now use the internet; from the finicky experimental teenager to the cautious grandmother. Being a savvy lawyer is good, but in order to climb greater heights you need to tap into these potential clients. This can only be done through the help of digital content marketing.

How Does Digital Content Work In A Law Firm Context?

Digital content uses SEO for law firms to catapult your legal firm to the next level. Search engine optimization for law firms mainly revolves around the idea of transforming your website to a search engine friendly tool. A well optimized legal website results to a higher ranking in Google. A higher rank translates to more traffic on your website. This in turn creates an audience which is good for credibility. Some of the tools used in SEO for law firms include:

1. Good content: in the world of SEO for law firms, content is termed as king. This is a process that focusses on creating, sharing and publishing media content aimed at acquiring and retaining customers.social

2. Social networking: social media is a fast growing factor that is being incorporated within SEO for law firms. Social media optimization is achieved through sharing authentic content on social media platforms.

3. M-Commerce Focus: a successful strategy on SEO for law firms should be responsive to mobile optimization. This is because the use of mobile phones is on the rise. The strategy can be implemented through designing content and adverts that are mobile friendly.

Do you still need convincing that SEO for law firms is the way to go?

It is important to understand that every single day that passes without you adopting a SEO marketing strategy, is another day you get to lose out on potential customers. Listed below are some of the various justifications people use for not adopting SEO.

1. I get my business from referrals, why should I spend money on SEO? Business might look good but it never hurts to add three or more cases to your list.

2. I see no need of using SEO because I am on Yellow Pages. Only a small number of people still use the yellow pages. If you are banking your marketing strategy on Yellow pages, be assured that there is no growth that is going to take place.

Marketing is a very dynamic field. It is never constant; it goes through a series of evolutionary processes. In order for your law firm to succeed, there should be a scramble for these changes. The changes revolve around digital content marketing.

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The Excellent Choice For Printing

A few weeks ago you heard your friends talking about the benefits of using a wide format printer for all your printing needs; you now have the money and buying this type of printer is something you are now giving some serious thoughts. Well, while the primary benefit of this type of printer is the ability to print high quality images, as well as, graphic presentations, the following are other specific benefits one can easily net from this technologically advanced piece of printer.

A more advanced Droplet technologydroplet

Seen as an effort by the designers to make one of their own stand out from the crowd, they made sure it comes fully equipped with an advanced droplet technology. A wide format printer can utilize this amazing technology during printing by making sure the microscopic ink droplets and precision ejection produce high quality images with impressive clarity.


When you are shopping for a new printer, obviously, the speed of the printer is one of the features you will put under great consideration; another key reason why you should be going for this type of printer. It comes with unbelievable speed and with it, you can print multiple large formats prints within a very short time. As if that is not even enough, during printing you have the option of printing at normal speed, high speed or even enhanced mode. Interestingly, none of this will take way the quality of your prints. At the end, choosing this printer will drastically reduce the need to outsource your business printing needs.

Ability to distinguish between images and text

Lastly, its abilities to distinguish image from text could see a wide format printer becoming the number one choice for businesses an individuals, as well, With that alone, this type of printer can actually produce high quality prints with no mix-ups between graphics and text on the same page.

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Digital Technology Welcomed In Space


The galaxy hosts numerous bodies and species all flying without the thought of gravity. The outer space environment does not adhere to the rules of time. Therefore, it is wonderful to know that there exist a timepiece concealed behind the dark shadows of space. Time can never fit to be a yardstick when matters concerning space are being discussed. However one timepiece favorable to most astronomers is the omega watches.

Many factors make these watches a favorite to many astronomers. Like a tornado, this preference is now gathering more people as it grows. Some of the elements that contribute to the watches popularity are as highlighted below.

Renowned users

These watches have been at the wrist of well-renowned men who traveled to the galaxy. From pilots to the commandeering team even to the astronauts traveling to the moon can be associated with these watches. Its light weight and features make it one of the best items to moon walk. Other celebrities include actors for the famous 007 James Bond movie.

Style and class

The outer space enjoys an enormous amount of radiation and hazardous vacuum to humans. Its temperature levels make human existence intolerable. That is why scientists design equipment’s that will withstand all this hurdles and still efficiently complete their intended mission at space.

Omega watches have been tried and tested to proving their reliability during such mission. Aside from that, they are made a healing crystal that protect the users in case its glass breaks. It is also water resistant and requires manual winding. The watches also have a 20-year warranty.

Rich Heritage

Commercial space travel is something that may seem far-fetched from now. It may not seem like something viable in time soon. However, these watches give users the aura of having been there. The limited edition moonwalk timepieces are collectibles to many. NASA has recognized these watches and is their preferred timepieces for the longest time ever.

This brand of watch is expensive and hard to find. Just like space, its value continues to flourish over generations. The designers and the engineers of these Omega watches perform numerous test to produce something more than a watch.

The makers of this chronograph dedicate much attention to their customers. Every watch is designed to meet consumer needs. Despite the harsh conditions that outer space generously hands over to man, these elite timepieces are necessary.

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The Misunderstandings of Digital Locksmiths

Digital Locksmith are digital security experts who follow the best industry practices and create them. At Locksmith Indianapolis, their main role is to provide consultancy development, technical support to security and smart-card projects. By reviewing locksmith Indianapolis yelp, you will come to realize that they draw over forty years experience in order to meet these aims. They can also access a large variety of expert assistance from former colleagues and associates that are built up in over 50 years of active involvement in the digital security field. These combination of in-house talent means that no project is either too small or too big for company. Digital Locksmith provide support for all phases of the development life cycle.

They have experts covering a large spectrum of smart-card initiatives. Their emphasis includes: Finance which includes EMV and ePurse; the government which is comprised of ICAO, citizen’s cards and the identity; lastly is the transport which is comprised of product development and ITSO consultancy. Digital Locksmith offer independent capability to assist their customers in providing reliable and cost-effective products that their clients demand. Their main aim is to help their clients create an identity and understand the probable risks in computational security. Digital Locksmith have a very good approach in terms of years of experience in delivering their products.

The latest EMV products that Locksmith Indianapolis recently achieved are Master-card, Visa and EMVco certification. These products have been built on a common platform which includes early life-cycle emvcomanagement, card manager and the abstraction layer. Their features include: dual interface capability (availability as contact only or dual interface), multi-application (upto three payment applications i.e PSE, PPSE and loyalty), data sharing mechanism for multi-application products and lastly EMVco common personalization specification complaint.VISA products are implementations of VIS 1.5.3/VCPS 2.1 with high support for the VISA profile selection mechanism while mastercard products conform to the mastercard advance specification and has mastercard advanced data storage functionality.

The knowledge Locksmith Indianapolis has in strengths and weaknesses of different solutions and pitfalls that they encounter during their implementation means that they can help you quickly in designing good solutions. They have an in-depth understanding in security architecture which allows them provide designs of wider requirements for security system. They present a consistent and coherent approach due to their overall view of security. This enables them to develop quality solutions. Their development capability includes various platforms, communication protocols i.e contacts and contactless and application types. In addition to these they have an extensive supporting systems which includes: terminals, personalization systems and security systems.

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The Big Data Behind Fantasy Football Betting: Oulala


Oulala Games, created and owned by Benjamin Carlotti and Valéry Bollier, is a relatively new contender in the gaming world. But despite having been around for only three years, they’ve quickly made a name for themselves with their play fantasy football platform, titled after their company, Oulala. The game initially ran as a free to play model, but has recently switched to a monetized version of the game. The goal of the platform is to create a football simulation experience with results mirroring reality as closely as possible. To accomplish this task, there’s a ton of complex math and computer algorithms taking place behind the scenes, and it’s working. Oulala currently boasts that their game is the only one on the market that constitutes as a purely skill-based experience.

The developers at Oulala are passionate about sports and fantasy leagues. Valéry strongly believes that fantasy sports are all about proving your own individual knowledge of sports over that of your friends. While developing the game, a strong emphasis was placed on trying to create a medium between a very realistic, monetized game, and a game that was genuinely fun to play in its own right. Valéry states that their ambition was certainly a bit risky, but that he believes experimentation and overcoming the failures of those experiments are essential to creating a successful product. Even now, the math behind the game is being worked on to be more efficient and more realistic, and the owners of Oulala Games believe this will indefinitely be an ongoing process moving forward.

In addition to their stance on developing the game itself, Benjamin and Valéry have a firm position in dealing with how they market to, and interact with, their players and fans. They harbor a community driven approach, and are constantly taking feedback from players to make improvements that not only the developers want to see, but that the players want to see as well.

Screen Cap Of Oulala Website


But the list of trials doesn’t stop there. A lot of negativity from the media is directed towards DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports), particularly because of the monetization aspect of it. Valéry argues against the claims that the game should be required to be strictly monitored by the legal system, stating the primary goal of the game is not the money (though it is an additional exciting incentive), but rather the bragging rights associated with knowing more than your opponents about the sport. The developers emphasize that the social aspects of the game are the main focus and draw to the game, with the satisfaction of being able to prove one’s skill being a close secondary focus, and money trailing in the position of icing on the cake.

Moving forward, Oulala Games are very confident that they’re on track to success. The company already has its marketing plan completely mapped out, a series of partnerships involved in the game’s development, and anticipate a large profit by the end of 2016. As the only monetized DFS simulator on the market, the only real question is whether or not a competitor will try to move in on the fantasy league action.

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Best Scheduling Software For Wedding Entertainers

The entertainment industry can have some very unique services available for hire. “Balloon-Shaper Extraordinaire available for parties!”, or “Juggling Inferno wedding entertainers for hire!”. Those are some very specific message to get across to a very specific group of people. In the position of the entertainer, how would you possibly get your message to your potential clients? Fortunately, there’s software that can help with situations just like these.

As a stand-alone entertainment performance, you may want to consider joining a broader entertainment company to increase your publicity, or even start your own company with multiple performances and clients. Keeping track of so many different talents, dates, and individuals can be an ominous task without the right tools, however.

wedding-planningAmong the top-most used programs are titles such as:

  • Fleetmatics Work
  • FieldAware
  • Jobber
  • Planday
  • Booker
  • mHelpDesk.

Each of these pieces of software are designed to make sure your clients and your company member can stay in sync with one another, no matter how many changes to schedules or needs occur along the way. These kinds of software emphasize communication and organizational tools that make for a simple, but highly effective ways of staying in touch with all of your potential clients, and to know exactly when any given member of your company is available to assist those clients with whatever their needs may be.

But what if you’re not looking to start a company? What if you’d prefer to keep your act or service as an individual or small group, but still want to get your services out to a specific group of people? While there are few downloadable software packages for this task, there are many websites online designed for the exact purpose of helping clients find specific services, and for those services to find clients as well. In the case of our “Juggling Inferno wedding entertainers for hire!”, the performers may wish to seek and contact members of sites such as TheWeddingCommunity.com or WeddingIdeasMag.com to connect with people dedicated to serving clients in that niche.

Of course, if neither of those options work for you, another great way to get exposure that’s often overlooked is social media outlets. Something as simple as a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, or a LinkedIn profile, can be an excellent way to connect and build a contacts list that revolves around you or your group’s skill set, no matter how specific or broad it may be.

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Why Panick Attacks Are Common To Software Developers

stress-disorderSoftware developers are highly trained professionals who accomplish amazing tasks throughout their careers. While many people think of their careers as being normal, with a medium level of stress, these professionals often experience panic attacks, extreme anxiety and significant amounts of stress. There are many reasons why software developers feel anxiety, but one of the primary reasons is that their work may not be understood or managed correctly.  This article was written by the fellows as Panikattacken, who offer a solution to high anxiety.  You might want to use the Google translator however!

Work Environment

In a perfect world, software developers would be given the approval to take on and complete tasks as needed. Since their area of work is highly specialized and constantly changing, they easily get behind in even just a few months. For example, many developers who are hired are provided with projects, but given a lack of requirements for that project. They may also not be provided with specific guidelines on how to accomplish tasks or even the specific projects they are supposed to complete. Having significant ambiguity with a job is enough to cause anxiety in anyone! Having to work with that insecurity all of the time contributes significantly to high levels of stress.

Poor Time Frames

Along with many people not understanding their job, software developers are often given impossibly tight deadlines. Because deadlines are given from upper levels in most cases, the developer may have to work 60-hour work weeks in order to complete assigned projects. Having to work incredibly long hours on a regular basis contributes significantly to anxiety. Many people find that when they are forced to consistently stick to unrealistic deadlines, they begin to develop an anxiety disorder and with good reason.

brain-stressNew Technologies

Everyone fears becoming obsolete in their fields but software developers have even more anxiety in this area. While most fields move along at a reasonable pace, the world of technology is moving at an infinitely faster pace each year. A program developed at the beginning of one year may be obsolete even just six months later. Knowing that any work done will be temporary can cause anxiety. In many ways, a software developer may feel as though his or her work is never truly done.

Work Environments

Software developers have to be creative people to succeed in their fields. However a person’s work environment contributes significantly to creativity at any given moment. Unfortunately, developers often work in open work spaces and may be relocated frequently. Having to constantly change locations and work in areas that may be crowded or very loud does not lead to a good environment and may make it difficult to complete tasks and projects well and in a timely manner.

While many software programmers struggle with panic attacks and anxiety, their difficulties have not been ignored. Business Insider published an article on the huge amount of anxiety that simply comes with this position. As more people become interested in technology today, software developers may find that their work environment improves. However, currently, software developers suffer from significantly more anxiety than other professionals, even those who work in traditional high stress fields.


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Best Places To Get An App Developed For You

Following the development of multiple website builders, easily available on the Web for years now, creating a simple website isn’t much of a problem nowadays. However, we’d really beg to consider whether the same holds true with apps. A question commonly asked is on the possibility of creating apps without having no single clue regarding programming languages.

Below, we’ve tried out various developers to make an app, compiling some of the best and highlighting some of their features for you. As with website builders, app creators are quite numerous, and deciding on which to utilize may prove much daunting as a task. The guide below serves a critical role in deciding on which creator to use to make an app.

1. Mobidonia

Mobidonia is among the most powerful app creators around. It enables you to make apps bearing their own styles and send push notifications. If for business purposes, it’ll enable you to even learn more about your clients. Best in its class, it’s a mobile builder on which you can lean on, and whenever.

It’s well feature-oriented, covering all business needs. This app maker is a solution supporting analytics, app monetization, cloud app updates, and much more. It’s a compact DIY tool, able to speed up development time even up to 99%. As a simulator app, it enables you to stimulate and preview the app you’re preparing.

2. Mobile Roadie

This is basically an enterprise app builder. They’re among the biggest players, and proudly boast having made apps for TED.org, Universal and Disney. Their prices range from $125, for the CORE plan, to a notably hefty $667 each month for the PRO plan.

Although the company places most of its focus on relatively larger companies, their design options are greatly appealing, featuring great templates, and availing many options to tweak them as well. Also, they offer some exclusive community features, including a fan wall which artists and bands can particularly use.

If you’re a musican, it’s definite that you’ll love the smooth intergration of Mobile Roadie’s music player. In addition, there’re several advanced features; for example, geo-targeting. Mobile Roadie’s wide feature range makes getting hang of this builder more time-requiring.

3. ShoutEm

Founded in 2011, this is a well-polished product. It comes with numerous powerful options. They also provide several monetization elements, including mobile advertising support and integrating with Shopify, all of which help recoup what you’ll spend on their platform.

Their pricing starts at a monthly $19.90 for the Basic plan. The Advanced plan costs a monthly $49.00. Most appealing is that the app creator is much fun to use, yet still remarkably powerful. The templates are appropriately great and interesting.

4. Como

Founded in Israel, 2010, Como claims to be powering over 1 million apps. This certainly renders them to be among the biggest fishes inside the app pond.

Como offers an extensively wide selection of building blocks, such as appointment scheduling integrations, loyalty cards, user reviews, events and e-commerce. Some examples shown on their app gallery include bands, restaurants and other organizations which run events. Within the app maker, there’re 7 distinct templates, which can be combined iwth 6 navigational styles. The colors, icons and background images can be adapted using your own artwork.

They recently released a new price structure. They’re offering just one-tier; either the monthly $57, yearly $48 or bi-yearly $41 option. Among these updates also, is a bold 6-month success guarantee, which implies that Como will provide you 6 free months shouldn’t you achieve any significant business result with the app.

This editor is amazingly well-laid out, and quite easy to use. The feature-range is among the most extensive and their designs are a sure plus.

Creating an app isn’t rocket science at all. Nowadays, virtually anyone can make a well designed and functioning app. Essentially, no tech skills are required. The approach of hiring experienced app developers may set one back quite considerable amounts of money. Making use of DIY app makers is all enough, and certainly efficient.

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